kovaion data masking solution

Many organizations became victim for information breach when they routinely copy sensitive or important production data into non-production environments. As a result data in non-production Environment has increasingly become the target of cyber criminals and can be lost or stolen. Just like data breaches in production environments, data breaches in non-production Environments can cause millions of dollars loss and irreparable harm to the brand. With KDM (Kovaion Data Masking) product, sensitive and valuable information can be replaced with imaginary or dummy values. This allows data to be safely used in non-production. So the developers and testers can access realistic production data in non-production environment to accurately test and deploy their applications.


  • Helps analysts to easily locate Sensitive Data in production environment.
  • KDM Pack delivers more pre-built data masking templates to create realistic values in non-production environment.
  • This pack uses its own libraries to effectively perform the masking.
  • Ensures the Security while masking the production data.
  • Easy interface helps the user to mask the data with ease.


  • It Makes the testers and developers to replicate the same issue in non –production quickly to fix the ticket/issue.
  • Secure the Production and Non-production data from data breaches and cyber crime.
  • Unlike traditional masking processes that are typically slow, KDM Pack uses highly efficient techniques to mask the data in quick time.

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