Kovaion Archival Solution

Archival is a process of moving out the data which is currently not active to a location only meant for record keeping. In other words the data that would no longer be affected or will affect any transaction will be moved. Archival can be Physical Separation of data (moving the data from current location/device to a new/different location/device) or Logical Separation of data (logically grouping the data and moving within the same area).

In Short, Data Archival is expected to deliver the following benefits

  • Improve system reliability
  • Reduce batch/online processing times
  • Effective utilization of available infrastructure
  • Reduce space allocation by purging data in Non-production environments

Salient features of Kovaion Archival Solution includes,

  • Inbuilt Database Maintenance activity on archive tables.
  • Table locking to preserve structure on archive tables.
  • Approach to handle non-structured tables.
  • Unique approach to handle partitioned object archival.

A Leading Staffing Organization in UK says,

  • 80% performance gain by effectively utilizing Kovaion archiving solution
  • Solution implemented within weeks
  • Unique Approach for Global Payroll. Space gain of 20%

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