How do you shift focus to more strategic activities?

Kovaion niche offering in the Database security domain answers important questions  by highlighting the role of a security solution partner in implementing a robust platform, and helping your organization move towards complain and protection from threats.

  • Capability and delivery flexibility
  • Widespread practice planning and implementing database security
  • A realistic Security solution best suit your environment and business goals
  • Guidelines and best Practices

Data Security Challenges

  • Data Breaches
  • Untrusted Environment / Database
  • Data / Identity Theft
  • Off-Shoring / Outsourcing
  • Data Consolidation
  • Application Vulnerabilities

Providing Framework

Compliance Challenges

  • Drivers for Compliance
  • Seperation of duties
  • More global data privacy regulations
  • Costly breach disclosure laws
  • Complex IT requirements
  • Multilayered data los prevention
  • First Stage Successfull, Second Stage Unclear

  • No "Easy Button" Solution

  • Theoretically, It Should Have Worked

  • More Auditors and Fewer Remediation Exports

  • 70 % of all security incidents come from insiders
  • 80 % of threats come from insiders and 65 % are undetected
  • All enterprises dealing with private data in test environments should mask or generate test data to comply with regulations.
  • An insider attack against a large company causes an average of $2.7 million USD in damages,where the average outside attack costs only $57k (Almost 50 times as costly)

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