Audit password changes using Oracle HCM Cloud scheduled process

Oracle HCM Cloud applications generally have a lot of HR admin users accessing the application and making innumerable changes on a daily basis. It can make work difficult under certain critical [...]

PeopleSoft HCM PUM Image 35 – Feature Highlights and Enhancements

Since the release of new features in PeopleSoft HCM PUM Image 34 (Early May 2020), Oracle has delivered the next Images release – PUM 35 a couple of days back. Some of the key features delivered [...]

Avoid Customization – Mask Sensitive Data just by Configuration

Page and Field Configurator Data privacy, also referred to as information privacy, is the information technology (IT) component that deals with the right of an entity or person to decide what [...]

Communicate Effectively With Your Employees – Leverage Alerts Composer

Alerts Composer enables HR to send notifications to Oracle HCM Cloud users by email and worklist without any technical support. It provides the ability to trigger notifications based on an event. [...]

Accelerate PSFT HCM Transformation by managing your Customizations

Oracle PeopleSoft is a GO-TO HCM application due to its proficiency to be tailored based on the customers’ business processes. The customary approaches to modify the application via Application [...]

Deep Dive into SQL Query Logs to Improve BI Performance

When we create reports using Data model, we can fetch only 200 rows. Often, we may need to fetch more than 200 rows to verify the data for many formal or in-formal uses. To accomplish it, we will [...]

Embrace New Normal : Communicate Powerfully with your Employees via PeopleSoft Fluid Announcement Tile

Embrace New Normal : Communicate Powerfully with your Employees PeopleSoft Fluid Announcement Tile Employee communication is key to the success of any organization. It is imperative that the [...]

PeopleTools 8.58: Isolate Customizations to AppEngine programs via Plug-ins

One of the key features of PeopleSoft over the years has been the ability to customize and tailor the system per the user’s needs. With the release of PUM and quick succession of latest images [...]

Embark Your Security Journey with Location Based Access

Location Based Access control enhances the security in Oracle HCM Cloud. This feature facilities the organization to restrict the access to the system from any unregistered machine/network, in [...]

Build intuitive visualizations using PeopleSoft Kibana

PeopleSoft Search Framework As we are already familiar, PeopleSoft utilizes Elastic Search which provides a multitenant-capable, full text search engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free [...]