Kovaion Document Management Solution

As need of Document Management System has been increased for an organization to manage their large volumes of physical documents, Kovaion decided to find a solution to manage the all the documents in PeopleSoft ERP. As a result Kovaion developed this K-DocM (Kovaion Document Management Solution) to store, compare, manage and track electronic documents in PeopleSoft Application. K-DocM pre-build includes, Employee Timesheet to Invoice creation, Employee Hire to Termination.


  • Built with Easy User Interface to ease the user activity on document management.
  • It is very versatile as it manages all types of Documents.
  • Smart from other Document Management Solution as it is injected with OCR and Bar Code Scanning technology.
  • Equipped with brilliant Backup technology with the support of smart Archival technique.
  • Approvals made easy as this application is bounded with new features like Related Content Display and Approval Workflow Engine (AWE).


  • Scanning documents and integrating them into a K-DocM can greatly reduce the amount of physical storage space required (Reduce in Paper/manual work).
  • A significant advantage of having such a system is the ease of information retrieval at any time.
  • Switch to electronic K-DocM can be a tremendous cost-saving opportunity for most companies.
  • Unlike a file structure on the PC, K-DocM revolves around a centralized repository that is used to manage the storage of any type of Document and protect the same against loss. It provides a secure place to store the documents compared to the traditional filing system

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